Do you need to organize
a team-building activity, a seminar
or a student party?

Bunch’m is a complete modular app, perfect support for a company or an association.

It offers tools to organize and communicate while gathering information.

User-friendly interface which adapts to ALL YOUR EVENTS.


Do you organize events for your customers?

Save them time

  • Gather guest addresses to send them invitation cards
  • Export and update the guest list
  • Involve guests in the event


And for their guests?

All the various themes complete with tools to connect them.


And for you?

  • Web access enabling you to have all the key figures in real time
  • A planning space allowing you to organize still more activities and to exchange with guests (messaging service surveys)

Are your events recurrent?

If you organize a succession of events with the same customers, use the advanced recurrence function in the scheduling module.

  • Update dates and customers who are participating for each recurrence
  • You can program a maximum or minimum number of customers per recurrence
  • Response deadline

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